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Motus Army Front
WeWOOD Motus Army €139.00
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WeWOOD Motus Beige
WeWOOD Motus Beige €139.00
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WeWOOD Kardo Chocolate
WeWOOD Kardo Chocolate €149.00
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WeWOOD Kardo Nut
WeWOOD Kardo Nut Sold Out - €149.00
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WeWOOD Kardo Beige
WeWOOD Kardo Beige €149.00
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WeWOOD Kardo Army
WeWOOD Kardo Army €149.00
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WeWood Kappa Army
WeWood Kappa Army €139.00
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WeWood Kappa Beige
WeWood Kappa Beige Sold Out - €139.00
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WeWood Kappa Nut
WeWood Kappa Nut Sold Out - €139.00
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WeWood Kappa Chocolate
WeWood Kappa Chocolate €139.00
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WeWood Kappa Choco Cream
WeWood Kappa Choco Cream Sold Out - €139.00
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WeWood Kappa Black RO
WeWood Kappa Black RO Sold Out - €139.00
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WeWood Assunt Nut
WeWood Assunt Nut Sold Out - €129.00
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WeWood Assunt Beige
WeWood Assunt Beige €129.00
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WeWood Criss Beige
WeWood Criss Beige €89.00
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WeWood Criss Nut
WeWood Criss Nut €89.00
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WeWOOD Link Tool
WeWOOD Link Tool €6.00
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WeWOOD watches are luxury at its best, you will feel the difference between what you might be wearing now and a natural eco watch that is completely free of anything artificial.

As alive as nature your WeWood wooden watch will snuggle to your skin in the most comfortable way enabling you to feel free of weight and clunky materials that always snag on clothing etc.

The perfect natural mate, the eco cool watches of WeWOOD Ireland tell a story that becomes yours to wear, smell and feel at every level. More than just a man’s watch the WeWood watch is world renowned for quality and durability at prices that won’t break the bank.

A great ladies range also allows you to pick the perfect complement to any outfit and for any occasion. As Ireland's official WeWood Watch distributors you can relax in knowing that delivery will be fast and if you have any questions you can contact our HQ on +441202 901626 to find out more from one of our friendly watch specialists.


Match your WeWOOD to your musical instrument

October 02, 2015

Do you love playing musical instruments? Regardless of the instrument that you know how to play, one thing that could add up to your confidence is your style. The way you dress will help make you more appealing in front of your audience. With this, it would not hurt to be stylish on your next gig. Match your musical instrument with your accessories, such as you WeWood watch. Since they are both made from wood, you can create fashion synergy. Keep on reading and learn from our suggestions on what type of WeWood watch will be best for your choice of instrument.   Electric Guitar Made from Alder   One of the most common woods used in the body of...

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Wooden Watches

July 02, 2015

WeWOOD watches are a unique and beautiful collection of wooden watches that have emerged out of Italy.  Originally created by an Italian shoemaker who has a passion for sustainable fashion and wanted to take eco-chic to the next level and then boom WeWOOD wooden watches were born. So what is so unique about wooden watches?  Well apart from the fact they are made from wood, they are also lightweight and very tactile to the skin, perfect for someone who does not like wearing heavy watches on their wrist.  Fret not though as lightweight as WeWOOD's are they are also extremely durable, all WeWOOD watches are made from carefully selected hardwoods, that have been handpicked to ensure that you will enjoy...

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Hypoallergenic Watches; Where to Buy

June 30, 2015

Do you ask yourself the question where can I buy a hypoallergenic watch?  Well if so WeWOOD is here to not only answer that question but also to supply you with a beautiful but unique hypoallergenic watch that will look amazing on your wrist. All WeWOOD watches are hypoallergenic, therefore suitable for someone who cannot wear a watch due to a nickel allergy or a general metal allergy because our watches are made from wood.  At WeWOOD we only use 100% natural wood and do not dye or treat the watches in anyway therefore the colours that you see in our watches are the natural colour of the wood.  We also use only reclaimed of recycled wood so fret not...

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First Post From WeWOOD Ireland

May 07, 2014

Please come in and check out our brand new website!

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